29 August 2011

listen like thieves

It's now a settled component of the political process that pollies - mainly oppositions - have to embark on "listening tours". Media reports usually show them in staged situations "listening" to everyday folk who, amazingly, have the same beliefs. This subseqently enables them to confidently state that the "government has lost its way" or is "out of touch" or possbly "has turned into a menagerie of ibises."

I made that last one up, just a little bit.

Anyway, listening. It's happening everywhere:

And, oh, the "listening". Which genius of political grammar – Coulson? Hilton? Someone else with a name like a motorway services stop? – hit on the brilliant idea of "listening" as a synonym for "shutting you up"?

PS: God, something's gone awry with bluuudddyy bblllooggger again, the pade doesn't loook lie it should, no buttons for spellcheck or font and it's all dammmmmnnneeed wwwrrrroooong. And all my tags are gone.

25 August 2011

i've been everywhere

If I am getting these annoying hyperlinks telling me about a Brisbane 'mom' (sic) on virtually every website - including Aunty as you can see - have I got a virus? Or are they indeed everywhere?

Have screenshot, can't upload it.

14 August 2011

back on the chain gang

To respond to Gerry's question on the last post, yes I've been away and only with access to a work computer that I don't like to use to post blog pieces, even in my own time. Could have gone to an internet cafe I guess...but I didn't.

Any way it was a good break to go and do some other work and cacth up with a lot of people I haven't seen for a long time.

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