21 September 2011

a...b.....c (*)

So now, all ABC radio news bulletins lead with "the Opposition (or Opposition Leader) said..." That will then be followed by a direct rebuttal by a Government Minister or reference to the Government's position on whatever the issue was.

So: is this the pro-Coalition bias that has the left-looniness of the blogosphere in perpetual meltdown? Or is it a subtle way of giving the Government the last word on everything, so as to get the correct message to listeners? But simultaneously confirming the rabid right's assertions that the ABC is nothing but a bed of communists?

(*) de jackson five

Confusing, is it not? All I want is the news. That said, one of the many joys of regional living is that, with all the driving I do, I spend an awful lot of time listening to the ABC. It is a good thing...along with regional living.

19 September 2011

advertising space (*)

You really really need to read this quite funny, in a try-hard sort of way, article but then read the comments. Why are Pommy commenters so much more cleverererer than our own variety? At least when not engaged in he said-she said point scoring on politics, in which endeavour they are indistinguishable.

(*) apparently a Robbie Williams song.

16 September 2011

it's the end of the world as we know it

Via Crikey, this from TV Tonight.

If not showing a footy game - oh all right, an important footy game - on high def television is a "rude shock", I suggest we should all pack up our tents and roll over now, because we're so far up a river in a barbed wire canoe...

End of the world? Hah.

14 September 2011

get your motor running

From online opinion blog KGB report:

"For years, US and Australian defence officials and ministers
have claimed that the Joint Strike Fighter would cost around $US65 million an aircraft. When that figure was first cited, the estimate conveniently forgot to include the engine and many other essentials."
You know, that sounds about right. Only last week I got a quote on a car, it sounded like a good deal so I bought it. I sat in the showroom for 5 hours until the salesman came and asked me did I also want the engine.

Caveat emptor.

13 September 2011

unfinsihed sympony

derarm deodorant or something. And then it hung completely and so I ahve gone back to the old interface and I like don;t care anmd all and they can do what they want. I don't even care about typos and like I can't be boteherd running spellcheck becaue it's just anoytjer way they try to mcircomanage you and all.

So therte.

Mr Denmore, I posted a comment about how "leadership" is the 'in' word for this year but no-one knows what it actually means in practical terms in any given circumstance, but everybody knows how to say it. Also, I spellchecked this bit out of deference to your insightful and erudite blog.

unfinished symphony

Bluuudddy blogggger, I just wanted to post a comment at Mr Denmore's blog but my gooooogle account doesn't have the privilege or the right code or un

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