28 January 2012

you spin me right round

Evidently for the 8 cents a day we all pay, the ABC can no longer afford writers with any knowledge of how to conjugate verbs in English:

Earlier Alistair Cook (7) fell caught and bowled to Mohammed Hafeez and Ian Bell (3) was unfortunate to be bowled by Ajmal when the ball spinned backwards towards his stumps after his forward-defensive stroke.

We're doomed I tells ya, doomed.

And with this lightweight observation of the human condition, we creep a little closer to that magic 1000 posts. Actually, we don't know if it will be magic. It may be quite unexceptional.

17 January 2012

04 January 2012

by the way

Things that make you go wtf?

Last year (approx) it was all ads for sheds on TV. Still going on. But now it's ads for ride-on mowers. Hunnerds of them. Does everybody now live on acreage?

And this:

Maltby said: "For me, I am looking for a leader who will look to God for direction That is important to me. I want a leader who believes God is sovereign."

And these are same people who decry the Abrahamic religions (well, one of them anyway, although there's plenty of recent evidence about t'other) for seeking to control people's lives?

Anyway, if you believe God is sovereign, why have politicians?

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