19 June 2012

feats don't fail me now

There's not a hell of lot of space between my ears for things to go round and round in, but go round and round they do.

I was particularly taken with this commentary about the new TV ads for Woolies, which features an unbearably twee voice singing about love and unbearably twee visuals of people who evidently love working for Woolies and because it's all new and whatevs.

Except it's actually just a colour-by-numbers rebranding of a rapacious duopolist as we all know and actually, you know, you can't suspend belief indefinitely.  I really wonder whether they think people get sucked in by this.  There's that old saying about advertising, that the advertiser knows that 50% of the ad works, they just don't know which 50%.

I reckon  that saying must date from the 1960s or so and I wonder whether today's figure shouldn't be closer to 10% or even 5%.  Surely people...I mean, really?

So when you've got such evidently deep and complex stuff revolving between yer ears, it's wonderful to come upon an article like this one.   Because it, like, simplifies and stuff?  The notion of a warehouse of failed products is a wonderful concept in itself, but for those of us for whom the glass never passes halfway, some justification for feeling somewhat better about it all is quite reassuring.  You know there are others out there of similar ilk, but finding a space to share is far from easy.

On the other hand, writing 'ilk' brings about a quite naughty feeling and on that note, we retire.

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