17 June 2006

days of future passed

I've been asked to deliver a presentation to another part of the organisation next week. The 'directions' were that it was to be about the future, and it was to be motivational, but apart from this I seem to have a fairly free rein. My working title is:

"The future, the nature of optimism and the daily grind."

I'm passing on doing any economic (or other) forecasting, as my experience has been in most organisations like this one that it will not be embedded into other processes, which is essential if it to be of any use at all; on optimism I'll be talking about
Martin Seligman (and a few others of similar ilk); and using some analysis from the Workplace Research Centre (formerly the Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training at the University of Sydney) for the daily grind bit.

Any comments that anyone would care to volunteer will be gratefully taken in to consideration.

If it actually happens (see comment about forecasting above), I will report.


The Editor said...

"Optimism is a luxury afforded only to the deluded. The aim of psychology is to delude people into believing they are happy." ~ Gerry the Cynic.

Good luck, Phil. Who are you brainwashing into being happy little consumerised droids? And why? Is it just for the money?

Feel free to delete this comment if it doesn't meet with the high standards of this blog. ;-)

phil said...

Thank you, I'll work that one in somewhere. This presentation is just a talk to the good folks in another area of the place where I work, so no additional money for me. In fact I was quite chuffed to be asked in the first place, and then decided to change the focus of the talk (I think they originally wanted some global trend analysis) into something different. I thought about doing just an off-the-cuff talk. I had in mind something like Dave Allen, the Irish comic, used to do - but I don't smoke;-) But then I thought a bit of structure would be useful. Utterly risk-averse, as usual. Anyway I'm quite looking forward to it.

The Editor said...

some ideas here?

phil said...

Gerry - thanks for that - it's amazing (although I guess it shouldn't be) how many people of similar disposition have written books and so on. He'll be a welcome addition to the list I've put together and the conclusion, before I move onto the 'daily grind' bit, will be to recommend that everyone take their grain of salt.

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