15 January 2011


Watching the tennis, on and off. Saw the national anthem. Heard the recently introduced didgeridoo intro, for authenticy don't you know. Heard the typically strangulated fake American vowels of the "performer."

Saw the crowd. Saw the bogans. Saw the bogans put their hands on their hearts. Especially saw the class boganette put her hand on her heart while continuing to clasp the flute of bubbly in the other hand. What a special look, what pride in country.

Went outside to puke.

04 January 2011

baby you can drive my car (n+1)(n+1) and another 1

It's so long ago since I was doing the series on cars I've owned that I have quite forgotten whether I had covered all them - as represented by models in collection - or not.

But as I have got lucky with two new models ordered over Christmas (including a replica red Peugeot Mi16 bought from un homme in la belle France and for which I eagerly await, I thought I would regale my reader(s) with a picture of part of the current collection.
The ones on the top shelf are models of cars I've actually owned, the others are of models I considered signifcant Aussie cars in real life.
It gives me much pleasure (as the joke used to go) and I love the smell of the cabinet they're in. This is important. I sniff it often.

02 January 2011

don't dream it's over

But in Detroit, it is.

Utterly chilling. Post-industrial doesn't really sum it up.

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