29 December 2011

against the wind

Even non-Queenslanders amongst my small but dedicated readership will no doubt have read about the recent travails of Queensland Health, not least amongst which was some cove spiriting off some $16 mil of their needed-elsewhere-badly-not-to-mention-taxpayer-supplied dollars.

Then there was
Dr Patel and a few more 'incidents' that I will not presume to go into here.

Fault might ascribed to poor Ministerial decisions or oversight, or a department that is
simply too big, or any other pretty standard political/bureaucratic shortcoming that one could conjure up with little effort.

But no: the problem is something deeper, something a bit more existential, as a recent letter writer to our regional rag explained:

"Queensland Health was built on the spiritual nature of man and his relationship to the supreme being. Nowadays it is being pulled down by atheistic socialism."
As they are wont to say, "you can't argue with that."

Nonetheless your views are, as they are also wont to say, welcome.

26 December 2011

insert title here

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all of my occasional reader the best of what you think you'd like as we head into this new/next /biggest whatever.

Over the past few days I have read a few things that make you go "wtf" and in some cases the nimble juxtaposition of some of these may have made the occasional reader go "hmmm....amateur" but fortunately I've forgotten them and, in any case, mere reporting here or even highlighting of the ironic juxtaposition would not have added to the sum of human understanding.

Ummm, offspring no 1 and I have been watching the Test and we have been...yeah, well, you know an' all.

Again, may you have all things and stuff.

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