31 May 2011

drop bears

Seriously. If you downvoted this you're no better than a
panda who won't screw to save it's species.
This is the "this" referred to above (NB: safe link, esp. if you likez de musickz.

I agree. Fuck dem pandaz, this is the duck's guts.

Also, as quote lifted verbatim, the superfluous apostrophe is not mine. But I felt it needed a reincarnation in case it could find a place to hide.

30 May 2011

the french lieutenant's route

...to continue with gnawing things to death, which is what our slogan says we are going to do...

What is it with adopting the American pronunciation of "route" as "rowt"? Now everybody does it. Everywhere. Except me, that is.

I was at a meeting this morning, it's a bunch of dinkum Aussies talking about local Aussie issues and we get "rowt".

I mean, it can't be because if we say it the way we have for the last 200 years, people are going to think we are talking about a bit of the old hide the sausage, even if the subject du jour happens to be a bloody road, for crying out loud?

What is wrong with people?

Although for 200 odd years we pronounced it "leftenant", whereas the Yanks' "lootenant" is somewhat closer to the original French, for those who can't do anything other than front-of-mouth voicings that is.

I mean, what is wrong with people?

Also, I can't be bothered trying to think of an appropriate musical title, so I thought of another that tickled my tickle. Hope you like it. There's another 'tradition' down the gurgler.

29 May 2011

who's going to drive you home tonight?

In lieu of several thousand words (ha! as if that was in any way likely...) here are some pictures. They appeal to me for all sorts of reasons.

Today was a day out.

22 May 2011

the american songbook

I think I read some time ago that to have a popular blog, one must post regularly. So on that basis either I actually don't want a popular blog, or else I simply ain't gonna get one on account of aforesaid lack of regularity, etc etc. I see my posts number in the 950s so some time soon - provided you define soon in periods of decades or more - I will hit the big 1000, at which time I will lay myself down and have a really long sleep, on account of all the energy, etc etc.

In the meantime, I note that a recent Americanism, namely dropping the word "of" after "couple", as in "I got a couple things to tell ya", has hit the Australian MSM (provided you categorise a Murdoch Sunday scandal rag as MSM) and no doubt will thereafter infiltrate its way into ordinary everyday conversation in much the same way that "get-go" did a couple years ago. See, I told you it wouldn't take long. No one ever listens to me. Because I'm not regular, I suppose. Damnably frustrating, it is.

In the other meantime, people have woken up to the fact that all politics is sheeet, man, and have switched off. I heard this straight from the mouth of a well-known sportsman only recently and I tell you, if you want an opinion on contemporary politics, a sportsman is your first stop. The good oil, I tells ya.

I really wish I had some more things with which to enlighten youse but, right from the get-go, I never have. Had.

In yet another meantime in a galaxy not too distant from my current position, a sheeeet-load of work awaits so I'd better get to it. See you in a few years.

12 May 2011

jacob's ladder

Jacob Jester Pastor Poster

You wouldn't read about it.

Unless, of course, you just did.

I'll say it again: Jacob Jester Pastor Poster

Quite tickled my fancy, that did.

As you were.

05 May 2011

fox on the run

"I'm actually shocked that no fact-checking was done on the
lyrics," Way wrote. "I mean Fox is a major news channel, covering factual topics in an unbiased and intelligent – oh wait – to quote the man himself – 'You don't have to live by the standards that society has set'. I couldn't agree more."
Personally, I'm not into critical analysis - or unhinged ranting for that matter - about US media personalities, Fox News and so on. To my (admittedly tiny) mind, it's a bit too much 'left wing talking points' in character. And if we want to criticise, dog knows we have enough of similar ilk here. But I do find much of that online discourse mind-numbingly repetitive and singularly unable to add to the sum of human knowledge. Yes, they're awful. Fortunately, they're over there.

this article - from which the above excerpt originated - quite tickled me.

04 May 2011

sunshine superman

See if you can guess what this article is about from the following comment:

Quick, get Carlton to sign him up. This would fix the weakness in our backline.
Probably the best of them all and a cut above the repetition for sure.

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