24 May 2010

limbo rock

How low can you go?

Not much lower than me, I'm afraid. Overworked by whelm, and vice versa, I'm going to give up even trying to do the occasional post.

Maybe when the next election comes around there may be some unique...or possibly individual...VBB views, but until then... Mind you, someone's going to have to learn how to implement but shit, it's Canberra, implementation is what other people do. So maybe people in Canberra should stop trying.

When I say people in Canberra I don't mean all the people in Canberra, but you know who I mean.

16 May 2010


I really shouldn't be amazed at people's prejudices, but I am. Some classic comments from this story about dirty works in England's bid for the 2018 soccer world cup:

I wonder what the aide got out of disclosing such private information, dont say another vengeful money grabbing female?

Do the editors of the Mail on Sunday not want to see us host the World Cup? These comments were made in private and should have remained so. It would not surprise me to find out that the journalist who broke this story was Scottish...

eat to the beat

Tonight in the study chez VVBSea, a small exercise in David Attenboroughosity. I have to admit that I wasn't in the room when the seemingly inevitable happened. However, nor can I see the moth anywhere.

Meanwhile, what has happened to chocolate? All of a sudden you go into Woolies and (a) all the chocolate is in flat cardboard boxes, and (b) all the names are different. I can't keep up with life, people (well, I assume they are people) keep changing reality.

Which raises the question, are marketing people really people? I mean, inasmuch as you and I are people? Well, me anyway, I can't see out from here because of all the geckos.

02 May 2010

horse with no name

As I keep saying, you get much better comments in the UK papers. The election this week has whipped up a storm of tired old cliches.....oh, sorry, no, that was me. No, the sub themes apparent in the comments are just fascinating. The hatred of Gordon Brown not because of anything he may or may not have done, but because he's a Scot. Anything that's not absolute laissez faire is labelled as socialism or communism. And, of course, the whole disillusion with manufactured, tightly controlled political campaigns. Which the Poms don't have to themselves, of course.

.. The whole comments string here is a cracker, but here are two I liked, for different reasons:

When I was in the UK it seemed to me that the virulent marxist types were the ones who tended to live in squalor, he was usually dressed in old dirty ex army stuff , had a bag of roll up baccy in his pocket, didn't understand the complexities of shaving and tended towards habits such as picking his nose and eating it. left school at 14 and never worked a day in his life but was adept at finding others of the same ilk to bond with. Often has strong homosexual tendencies when drunk.The women similarly left secondary modern without a o level to their name and usually because they were pregnant, tends to live in council flats with giant TV in every room but otherwise also in filthy squalor with up to 8 children who's fathers names were either on the local constabulary roster or in prison for importuning or some such offense, Either way the mother of these unfortunate children had no recollection due to the long hours spend drinking during school hours.Is it starting to ring any bells san toi, stefanie jameson, or is it still a blur.whatever you are , that's the ideology you support and that's what broon has made the standard rather than eliminating these scum from society.That's why he is such a LOSER

I like Socialists, but I couldn't afford a whole one.

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