23 October 2011

bad english

I am all in favour, particularly after visiting our local Woolies yesterday for the week's necessities and seeing some specials on a far wall under the banner "special toys for girl's and boys."

Evidently boys only come in plural while girls in the possessive. It makes a kind of surreal logic, I guess.
Also, I canm still not publish from the post. Have to go back into 'edit' and do it from there. Weird.

21 October 2011

the rise and fall of saddam hussein and the incredibly big spiders from mars

With Gaddafi's passing and the details about him being in a drain, we are again reading about Saddam Hussein who was found in a spider hole.
Has anybody thought to ask what kind of spider has a hole big enough that a man could fit inside?

20 October 2011

the muzic, i haz it in me

choose McCartney over Lennon.... my god.To be fair, McCartney is considerably better at the criteria of being a living artist...


Don't worry about the singular of criteria, that word evidently doesn't exist if what I see every day is any evidence.

14 October 2011

wah wah

Some readers of this little blog will probably recognise this quote:

"Eric Idle tells how after Harrison was stabbed in his home by an intruder in 1999, he was being carried out by two medics who had only just started work. Harrison looked up from his stretcher and asked, "So, what do you think of the job so far?"
It's a new one on me but seems entirely plausible.

And in fact, after consumption of a couple of aged-in-the-fridge roses(*) at work and then a couple of gin & tonics at home, I feel a bit philosophical too.

I feel especially philosophical about some stuff that I read this morning and thought, "I could weave a little blog post about that" and promptly forgot about it/them until tonight when I was looking to weave just such a little blog post.

I wish I could remember them - quite poignant they were.

(*) Note to readers who have an RSS feed on this blog, for whatever unaccountable reason: something I did when putting that asterisk in was obviously a macro for "publish", because that's what happened. Hope you liked the original spelling, comes to to you courtesy of Seagrams and Schweppes.

12 October 2011

giggle eyed goo

In lieu of writing about nothing, allow me to introduce you to a new - I hope - mindworm or eyeworm; which, in the manner of all things modern, should probably be represented as iWorm.

Ha bloody ha, I kid you not. It's a laugh a week around these parts.

Anyway you may get the odd giggle

06 October 2011

what's going on

It's not that nothing is going on. It is, but it's nothing of interest to blog readers and I've run out of things that conceivably may be of interest to blog readers. And apart from the irretrievably obsessed, everyone seems to be writing less anyway.

But are they enjoying it more, we ask ourselves. Because there's no-one else in the room to ask.

I also done spellchecking, although it appears I have not done grammar.

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