11 July 2012

the horses

Like most of the rest of the world, I was entranced to see that the spawn of the Dear Leader had got hisself a squeeze.  A singer and whatnot, you know, as leaders are wont to do.

And I thought that the news that the biggest hit of the squeeze singer was Excellent Horse-like Lady would set the electro-sphere alight.  But not it seems, everyone is taking it very calmly.  After all, if America gave us Horse with No Name and the Beatles  could give us Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey, then a musical juxtaposition of ladies and equines is a mere trifle, yes?  While go0gle gave me umpteen trillion hits in a part of a nanosecond, they seemed to be all straight news stories. 

One can listen about the horse-like lady here. (******)

Except this one: not taking the p*ss such as I have failed to do, but just commenting quite...yes, just quite.

Actually, it looks like a fascinating blog to check out.

(******)  Oh dear god, I've just listened to it.  If we moved North Korea to some obscure corner of Europe, I reckon we'd have a new Eurovision masterpiece on our hands.  But I'd really love to know the words...

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