23 May 2012

money makes the world go round

But increasingly money is not making the world go round except for an increasingly privileged few.  Read a bit about how right here.

I love the author's preamble to the comments section.

I've been writing, on an occasional basis, for quite some years now on the unsustainability of the contemporary model of international finance.  Every time I reckon it couldn't get any worse, I read somewhere about some arcane way in which it has.   The fact that Goldman Sachs (or someone in some other firm) once described the clients as "muppets" now gives free reign for this term's incorporation into everyday usage.  I wonder how muppets recognise themselves when they get documentation from their super fund, bank, advisor and so on.

I got one the other day, full of factual inaccuracies and such a lazy piece of work I felt like framing it.  What I will be doing is writing back to tell them they've lost my business.

I hope it  makes them feel muppet-like as that will be my intention.

14 May 2012

another one bites the dust

RIP 'Duck' Dunn

Jeez, they're popping off in all directions.  We must be getting old.

10 May 2012

cat empire

A short  essay on (a) the decline of western civilisation because of the (b) rise of postmodernism.

Well it may not be postmodernism but it surely signals a decline somewhere.

What is it?  Why, this.

Bring on the discussions, is this really a decline in academic rigour leading to the inevitable eclipse of all we hold superior, or is it the ongoing incursion of the realities of the postmodern world, and hence a perfectly legitimate area for academic analysis?

I'd be interested to see the quantitative component including details of the data collection mechanism.

Also, I don't think I've ever previously constructed a sentence that commences "why", comma, "such and such."  I've read plenty, but.  That's where I got it from, like.

08 May 2012

papa's got a brand new bag

umm, where to start...?....?

I was going to start with (x), but perforce I must start with (y), which is "Blogger has a brand new bag", or something to that effect.  I had to read the instructions (anathema to a bloke, y'know) in order to get to here, although - in keeping with traditional VVB wryness and circumlocutery - I don't know exactly where here is.  In fact, better make that "here."

No, attention.  Of course I do, I am now at (x), which was that I was talking to a friend, in person, at the weekend about blogs and blogging and he mentioned this here VVB (once was chateau, now seaside-ish) and I says, I says to him, that I don't write much any more and he replies, that yes he has noticed this.

Which - I says to him - means he must be coming past to read here.

So, as night surely follows day, we are now jointly and severally at (z), which is that nothing bloody well changes, I have nothing particularly interesting to write about, so why on earth do people - well let's assume the plural, shall we - drop past?

'Cos it's like the human condition, innit?  That's what we all write about, devastating insights into the human condition that, by the time they are rendered into the written word, by some strange mutation are less than insightful than originally envisaged. 

It's unfortunate: well it's a lot of things, but unfortunate certainly ranks amongst the things it is.

During the same conversation at (x) above, said same interlocutor reminded me that I hadn't finished the series about the cars.  Quite correct, I haven't, and to do so I'd need to go back and try to find all the ones I did write so as to know which ones remain unrepresented.  Does Blogger's brand new bag (C) (tm) do that, I wonder?

It would be extraordinarily unfortunate if it didn't, nicht war?

Anyway I am now again scouring the layout of the Brand New Bag, there are lots of twiddly things which it might be fun to play with one day.

However for now I must away - an early start awaits (business breakfast - what a stupid idea, where do people come up with this stuff?).  We have no further insights into the human condition - well, maybe you do - and I need a new obsession to make this place meaningful again.  Trouble is, I am less obsessed about things than I used to was.  Which is - on reflection - probably a good thing.

Au revoir, mes amis.

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