25 November 2010

modern love

Have just tried to post a comment at another blog and got a message - that I can't cut 'n copy - that says I'm not a member of the blog at www.venividiblogi.blogspot.com and so am not authorised to post the comment.

But wait: it's my own blimmin' blog, how can I not be a 'member' of it? And why can't I cut 'n copy any more?

I am getting very feduppity with modern life.

How can just buying a new computer cause all this mayhem?

I blame Microsoft, and quite possibly the Bilderbergers.

22 November 2010

the drugs don't work

Now I know I have something to look forward to in my twilight years:


I would have pasted the comment from the person who was going to get themselves some illegal stuff. But I didn't because I can't cut 'n paste from other documents no more no more no more no more.

Why would that be?

Anyway, "saga louts." Like "lager louts" only diff'rent, innit? But it's like right clever to do that stuff wiv them words, right?

get back

That's because the comment was on another post.

As anyone who works with me will testify, detail is not my strength.

21 November 2010

no she's not there

I'm pretty sure I authorised the comments but they're not in the folder and we don't have an e-mail management program any more but just the telstra bigpond deepwell of non-conformity and even though I'd ticked to stay signed in to blogger I had to sign in again and it's not there, and because bloody gooooogelll has bought blogger and every bloody thing under the sun is integrated you can't do this without them already having authorised you to do that.

I don't like it, I don't like it at all.

And that explains everything.

the zombies(#)

If you watch too much computer generated graphics - and if you watch any blockbuster films at all, (*) you will be watching far too much - then here is why you feel uneasy. They're calling it the "uncanny valley" because it's far more popular to coin a mindless rhyme than something that makes sense. Think 'Adam and Steve' for a similar effect.

But it's an interesting insight into how computers may be changing the way we operate. For a Fairfax insight into the same issue, see

Computers are certainly changing the way we operate at VVBSea. 'Cos some weeks, which feels like months, ago the pooter hung its bootstraps and refused to function no more, no more no more no more etc. We found a local bloke hwo promised to make it right but because it's a Dell, a new motherboard has to handmade by a Dell-accredited elf in a cave somewhere, so we still don't have it back. So we bought Mrs VVB a new laptop and it's all different, hence I've been at this post for seems like aeons. And I've lost all my bookmarks.

Whinge over.

(*) We don't watch any round these parts.

(#) She's not there is one of my all time favourite songs. The keyboard solo by Rod Argent was little short of magical for that genre at the time - and probably even moreso now, when computer generated crap dominates the airwaves.

19 November 2010

karma chyaleon

why does it paste to aone program but not to asnother.

this is shi9t man I don't liek ti .

I hate news stsufff.

I mean it's just a development of one of the thousands of earlier microsoft programs and all of a suddent it doesn't do stuff. Man this sucks.
And this stupid keybaord ahs keys in different places and and I can't see whwere thyey arwe.
It'srap man.

free fallin

I know I don'tome rpound here muych any nmore. It's a combination of too much work, a dead poooter plus thius alptop whiuch weems tohave keys all n diffeernte places nsad different ways of operatiung. It's alliut much a nd I have all thedere erros messageds blinking and whatever at mne. zBut IU just wanted to share this with yoiu, I was wtahcingf Tom Petyy doing Free Fallin' at the Super Bowla anbd this was a mcomments:

wello the copy and pasdte function on thisd eincediblye` ``exepebsive knw latop jyst disens;'t workj like other oneds or like bloody copy sndf opaste fucntions have dowkredsince time immemeorial.

and gthe aolcogolhds
but I geuss you kniow I geuessed that already.

14 November 2010

a question of balance

Hello. Still alive here at VVBSea although we haven't seen to much of it lately.

Anyway I was trying to get into the supermarket the other day and, as is inevitably the case, the folk in front successfully negotiated the swing gate and then, overwhelmed by the cornucopia of choice thus revealed, came to a dead stop. Thus preventing me from my usual swan dive for the basket into which I would place the goods I already knew I would need so I could get out of the place before I stabbed someone.

And we give these people optional preferential voting?

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