20 February 2007

caught in the act

What is it called when you're in the middle of a meeting and something happens and the chair says "you should put that on your website."

Well kind of embarrassing is one, especially when it's only a semi, kind of, partially anonymous blog - well it's anonymous to those outside the poisnal circle. Still, no one picked up on the comment which was just as well. Could have diverted us for hours, it could have. Which was the last thing we needed, agreed?

It's moreso when you can't remember the incident that sparked the comment. So I hope you read this before we catch up tomorrow, Mr Chair.

I should copyright that 'smart' stuff....oh wait, that's already been done.

In other news, a strong groundswell of support for the trampled-on citizen's rights of David Hicks seems to have provoked a change of mind, if not change of heart, by the federal government. A realisation, if you will, that justice must also be seen to be done. Or perhaps a realisation that the 'processes' put in place by the US fall far short of accepted norms of justice. Oh no wait, that was because of the polls.

When you wish upon a star....

OK, back to work. Smart stuff :-)

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Anonymous said...

I dread people at working finding out about my blog. Not that they may mind what I write in it (I never write about my work), but they may wonder about when I write for it… ;)

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