10 March 2010

losing my religion

Here's someone who just lost theirs - reads like it's not the only thing they've lost:

I guess it didn't get by the censors, but I ask again, why does England still hang on to the colonies she took from Catholic Countries (Gibraltar, Malvinas, Northern Ireland) whilst abandoning the rest -- including Hong Kong and Zimbabwe to Communists? Do Britain's ruling Protestant elites really consider communists to be preferable to Catholics?As for the Malvinas-Falklands row, the US should be neutral. No more wars, and constitutional government, is the way to our recovery. I think that would probably work for the UK too.
It never ceases to amaze me how easily people can use cliches so willy-nilly interpret data so randomly to suit their particular world-view*.

I'd give this one a label from sPeak you're bRanes, such as Retired Colonels, Self-appointed Sages and one of my favourites, Curtain-twitchers (my mother was one of those).

Anyway speaking of SYB, can you hold your sides while you plumb your way through
this grand example, which includes writing in Klingon, increasingly heated exchanges on postmodernism (and credentialism) and many examples of very vulgar language. In one thread!

Too much workeee, not enough sleepeee, failing interest in bloggee.

*Where world-view=obsession.


Ann ODyne said...

oh dear veni vidi blogi don't let the bastards vinci.
too much SYB has soured you.
You could, of course, go deeper into the sound by reading the heraldsunonline Reader Comments, which are happytimes indeed for true mental masochists.
Nobody online is normal or well-adjusted, flee now or forever lose your mind (and religion).
yrs truly, ISP Worshipper.

JahTeh said...

I can now go to SYB without the machine having a cardiac arrest and will do.

Never mind the Klingon, I have the entire Stargate alphabet which I intend to write a post with one day.

Anonymous said...

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phil said...

Couldn't have put it better meself.

So I didn't.

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