09 April 2010

50 ways to leave your lover

Via Bookforum as always, lists and comments on the 50 best and 50 worst books of the 20th century. However the "best" and "worst" categorisations are somewhat misleading.

Mainly because the lists are, more accurately, firstly the 50 books whose philosophy we support and, on the other hand, the 50 books that are incorrigible and quite frankly dangerous leftist crap that leftards everywhere sucked up to, but especially during the 1960s when as we know the whole world turned to leftist crap, and we disagree with them quite violently.

Or along similar lines, you get my drift no doubt.

Only two several things intrigue me:

  • that Malcolm X's biography appears on both lists;
  • why Atlas Shrugged isn't on the "goodies" list (maybe because it was so badly written even the perpetrators of the lists reckoned it would put bricks to sleep); and
  • why a seemingly sensible professional body would put its name to such puerile rubbish.

    Life in all its mysterious incarnations, ya gotta love it.


BwcaBrownie said...

oh Phill .. you and your lists.
List of some things I did today:
bought Weekend Australian
March issue Vanity Fair
walked a very long distance,
ate too much,
went to an auction.

Q: does Top Gear seem to be everywhere on TV?
I was happier when Jeremy was a Times column and a weekly SBS treat. I'm glad they are rich now, but it's not the same when we are hammered nightly on FTA and digital TV.
Q2: did you notice Kmart carried The Stig easter eggs!
vroom vroom

BwcaBrownie said...

then I popped into AGB and found this I must share:

My old man drove his Mazda 121 up the next door neighbour's front steps last year with the car becoming wedged, all 4 wheels completely off the ground, on the iron hand rail. What's more he was completely sober.

That's what you get for not driving under the influence.

The other neighbour's boys fixed and replaced his radiator for free so he went around their house with a case of VB to thank them. On the doorstep, the boy saw my old man had a spider on his shirt and pointed it out to him to which my dad yelled in surprise droppingThe Kempsey Briefcase and smashing it all over their verandah.

Never a dull moment at my old man's place.

True Story.

Posted by: patard | 10 April 2010 at 15:25

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G'day back atcha Gerry.

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