29 December 2010

lost in a lost world

After the last debacle of the previous post wherein I was forced - forced, mind you - to deviate from a music-related post header, I can return to routine.

In which world am I lost? Well, none actually because I don't subscribe to
this world. And after reading the unalloyed baloney in the article, my resolve has but hardened.

The phrase "he doth protest too much" springs to mind.


Marshall Stacks said...

I couldn't read all of the baloney after i got to the really scary part - the one-word tag cloud of bio info was all drivel 'love' 'music' 'student' and the first specific description was 'bieber'. christ.

actually i am surprised christ didnt make it in the list before Jussy.

of course the entire thing was marketing faff designed to draw business to the publisher.
Modern 'business' technique makes me sick.

phil said...

Similar reaction. There's a wonderful piece in today's Fairfaz scandal rags about the Facebook 'model' replacing the Google 'model'. Becase we trust what our 'friends' (including people we know bugger all about apart from that they are big Bieber fans and just looove Lady Gaga and that stars and celebrities know everything so we should model ourslevs on them )say about their preferred "products". Those terrible commo scientists who envisaged the internet as a new place of open discourse must be out quietly stabbing themselves. It's all about "produc", how could you not see the opportunity?


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