15 January 2011


Watching the tennis, on and off. Saw the national anthem. Heard the recently introduced didgeridoo intro, for authenticy don't you know. Heard the typically strangulated fake American vowels of the "performer."

Saw the crowd. Saw the bogans. Saw the bogans put their hands on their hearts. Especially saw the class boganette put her hand on her heart while continuing to clasp the flute of bubbly in the other hand. What a special look, what pride in country.

Went outside to puke.


Marshall Stacks said...

there, ther. you have just assessed exactly why you should not have put it on in the first place.
thwock. thwock. big bucks. thwock. Lleyytton. thwock.

phil said...

Dose of reality time. Yes.

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