14 November 2011

cheap wine

We went to see this concert here in rapidly warming Capricornia a few weeks ago.

It was exactly the same here in RARA land, with the possible exception that where we were standing, we could get a little cool breeze occasionally. Under the tent where the true rockers were, was probably a little warm.

The voice was awful to start with but gradually hit its straps.

Ian Moss was little short of supernatural: how he can keep going for two hours, with blistering (sorry about the cliche) solos every so often is just amazing.

The only real complaint was some of our fellow audience members who talked - and yelled, and argued, and had tedious in-depth personal discussions - most of the night. Second last song was Four Walls, performed with tenderness and restraint, and I could barely hear it as various groups around us continued the conversations/arguments/ diatribes they'd obviously started the previous weekend - or possibly previous decade.
Having to drive a fair way home, there was no wine, cheap or otherwise.


Gerry said...

Ah the Chisels... they should never have split up. Then again, that goes for a lot of groups.

phil said...

Noisy surrounding bogans aside, it was a great concert. Two hours of high quality musical nostalgia.

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