26 December 2011

insert title here

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all of my occasional reader the best of what you think you'd like as we head into this new/next /biggest whatever.

Over the past few days I have read a few things that make you go "wtf" and in some cases the nimble juxtaposition of some of these may have made the occasional reader go "hmmm....amateur" but fortunately I've forgotten them and, in any case, mere reporting here or even highlighting of the ironic juxtaposition would not have added to the sum of human understanding.

Ummm, offspring no 1 and I have been watching the Test and we have been...yeah, well, you know an' all.

Again, may you have all things and stuff.


Davoh said...

far be it from me to come up with 'witty' (or twitty, that belongs to the flocks of parrots, rosellas, pigeons .. etc, who sometime turn up and forage for food in my backyard)

Suggestion for title - 'survival'


Lord Sedgwick said...

I too have been watching the Test (intermittently) with mute button on high, if not permanent, rotation.

Seems that the self promoting, self referential, self reverential Charnel Nine commentators think the Test is all about them, and that's putting aside the issue of barracking vs commentating.

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