17 January 2012

quo? status quo?

"Mind you, MarshallStack is right about the Quo."


I'm sure at least one of you will :-)


Ann O'Dyne said...

the Marshalina Stacks that I know, spends all her time over at Word mag just wallowing in Fraser Lewry
I do remember when we called Quo fans 'head-bangers' and then we were swacked by AC/DC

Gerry said...

I don't quite know what to say...

phil said...

AoD: I've just spent a few hours that I probably could ill afford poking around Word mag.

My my that is some kind of delicious. Absolutely fascinating.

Thanks for the hat tip.

Gerry: umm, then don't? It's OK mate, I should have actually written a few paras to explain what I found so bloody interesting about the linked article but I am finding it less and less rewarding to actually verbalise those thoughts that actually get halfway formed, if you follow me.

Gerry said...

Phil, If you don't verbalise what you're thinking, then WTF _are_ you verbalising? :-)

phil said...


No, really :-)

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