12 February 2012

as time goes by

As time goes by, I find that I understand less and less about stuff going on around me. You know, like life and stuff.

A simple example might be
WWE. I followed this for a little while some 10 years ago as kind of a sociological experiment. Leave it for a period of time, come back and it appears to exist in some kind of parallel dimension where nothing that is said is as it appears. I could go on but I fear that I would end up in some kind of space-time continuum that doesn't. Continue, I mean. For one thing, I couldn't see the dozens or hundreds of John 3.16 banners that people in the audience routinely waved while two overmuscled brutes jumped up and down on each other.

All this reflection - well a lot more than what was just represented above, naturally - emanated from an article in the paper about the launch of Bob Katter's Australia Party tilt at the Queensland election. The bit that caused me to pause was this:

"The crowd, made up of Decembers and Mays, cheered."

I mean, December and May whats?

Anyway I ran it past Mrs VVB and she equally flummoxed at what the phrase might mean and from which cultural phenomenon or understanding it derived. So we remain flummoxed at VVB by the sea and this post desperately seeks your assistance to throw some light.

So, throw away.


Ann O'Dyne said...

old guys with young chicks ?

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phil said...

Why thank you.

If that's so, then maybe the writer was simply trying to say that the crowd was of mixed ages.

Far better to leave the reader to scratch their head than make your point clear. After all, it's not really journalism, is it?

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