01 April 2006

my sharona

Just to clarify things as we go forward, I have two close friends called Sharon. So references to any Sharons in this blog might be confusing because each Sharon is highly, highly individual. So, future references should be interpreted according the following broad areas of interest:
  1. anything Canadian; anything relating to how people fall off other's people's backs when dancing; dentistry; 'society' in the Middle East; topics that could - with the application of a good deal of imagination or you had to have been there - support the notion of the beneficial aspects of alcohol; the northern beaches of Sydney; the art of remaining uncompromisingly cheerful under all circumstances; or
  2. energy policy; the dangers of organised religion; utter bastards we have known; democracy, she is broke; the leafy western suburbs; neighbours you don't want to know; work is a second-best outcome.
Hope that's clear.


Anonymous said...

Oh please can't we mention denistry. Such a good story.

Anonymous said...

Well, you know Phil, I just don't think that's fair - I'm very open to the concept of spaghetti god - and according to the last census, half the family are sworn Jedi. Must talk soon though - would like to expand my descriptor to include 'bloody engineers' - I'd like to say its my new found hell - but that would put them on a par with Intelligent Design theorists (hey there's synergy in that alliance!!!)

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