01 April 2006

you will have the music in you, according to the rulez

A Saturday snippet for youse all, the evils of socialism are being battered into submission by Chinese Idol. But socialism is fighting back. I have two suggestions:

  1. we give them Mark Holden, Kyle Sandilands and Marcia Hines - permanently - to help with future series; and
  2. we rejig Australian Idol so that it must contribute to the national good. (I'd also like to have a competition so that we can identify what is the national good).

And most recently I have been occasionally consumed by Google Idol and particularly the Dutch girls Pomme and Kelly. It's utterly compelling in a sociological experiment kind of way, also extremely funny and quite well done, and finally it seems to me that it's a demonstration of how new (all right, new-ish) technology enables people to achieve quite remarkable things. Or it's banal and utterly derivative? No, I'm with the former.

Speaking of compelling, don't miss Rockwiz tonight. And I'm devastated that their website doesn't have Dougal on it - for mine, the most compelling character on the show.

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tomic said...

That googleidol is hilarious.

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