19 January 2007

stuck in the middle with you

Previous statements of non-activity are hereby rescinded and rendered void, however temporarily. This is too good...

Today's AFR carries an article by Verona Burgess, a long time Canberra journo specialising in public service stuff. She notes the reappointment of four key departmental secretaries, including Peter Boxall, Secretary of the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

Burgess notes that the department has grown from 2871 staff in June 2005 to 3593 staff a year later, "with 105 senior executives, exactly half of whom are women" (my emphasis).

And also, presumably, that 105 includes one who can't currently be married under Australian law.


JahTeh said...

I had visions of a strange hybrid wandering the halls, top half with tie co-ordinating with bottom half frock. Too much 'Little Britain'.

phil said...

The unforeseen results of an "equal opportunity" policy, I imagine.

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