11 April 2008

spooky tooth

Just a quick update to why this corner of the universe has been quiet of late: teeth. Specifically, unbearable shooting nerve pain over 4 days which antibiotics, Nurofen Extra, Panadeine Forte and a short piece of dentistry couldn't right. The Panadeine Forte almost got me there - the nice pharmacist said "you do realise it'll make you drowsy?" to which I replied "that's the general idea", but as the drowsiness overwhelmed me, the nerve pain shot through again like a bloody great butcher's knife.

Two nights in a row wide awake, sipping iced water to dull the pain, lie down for 2 minutes, sip and swill again, etc etc etc.

Three a.m. on Wednesday morning the iced water stopped working. I had 4 Panadeine Fortes in me and, basically, there was nowhere to go whether physically, pharmaceutically or mentally.

Got on a plane home, saw my own dentist who, knowing my history, diagnosed correctly and started the road to recovery. It's nice to be functional again, I can tell you.

One of the things that Mrs VVB and I have been considering, as we make this move to Rural and Regional Australia (capitals intended), is the availability of infrastructure to support us into our next decade.

So far, that is to say based on this single example, it's come up a little short so far. But that's not to say that there aren't suitable services once I know the area better. The dentist I saw seemed perfectly competent and came with a number of recommendations, but he didn't know my clinical history and I presented him with a complex problem. He did the standard checks, he did the best he could on the knowledge he had. And best of all, he was honest with me as we tried to work out what was going on. Including noting that the anasthetic he gave me would buy me a few hours' peace. It did, he gave me three hours' sleep in three days.

But the availability of infrastructure and support services is a big issue in Sea Changing (capitals intended).

The Sea Change has a lot of other elements including real estate agents, terms and conditions of employment, builders, and adult children residing at home, but they are all stories for another day.

As a sort of meta-comment, I know writing all about me and the personal doings of Chateau VVB is probably pretty basic blogging. You may be interested, most likely you won't. But knowing who my regular readers are now, and adhering to some good advice I once got (from a bloke I ran across today for the first time in a long time): "don't underestimate the value of a bloody good story, well told."

Well we mightn't have quite reached those lofty heights yet but I do try to add a little commentary to the daily doings. And, surprise to say, I find this somewhat more rewarding, or at least less demeaning, than ranting about the former government and its despicable leader. Although you can see how quickly one can relapse. Was that "despicable" really necessary? Or is there a more suitable word?

Answers on the back of a
Liberal party sanctioned piece of electoral bastardry to Chateau VVB, in transit, Queensland.

Oh how we fall.


Penny Pink said...

hope your tooth is feeling better and you are snoozing closer to your desired wake up time.

phil said...

Hi PP - thanks for visiting. Life is getting better.

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