06 April 2008


Those of you who are so intrigued by the brilliance regularly on show at Chateau VVB, or possibly with far too much time on your hands, may have visited the 'about me' profile summary.

In there, you would have found a short list of 10% or my favourite bands, including 'one hit wonders'. I included this as a shorthand way of not listing a whole heap of songs I really like, such as I fought the law and Turning Japanese.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday arvo at the shops and I'm in Sanity, as there isn't a JB Hi Fi within cooee of here, being as we are in RARA land.

So I'm fossicking about and find a compilation of One Hit Wonders. Wow, I feel myself demographically targetted and bingo, by Jove the marketers have got me right where it counts!

So, they've got this compilation and it's got 2 CDs and a DVD and it includes some really nice stuff, by my lights: Kajagoogoo (Too Shy), Paul Norton (Stuck on You), James Freud (Modern Girl), Dream Machine (Life in a Northern Town) and so you go. Nice to have the DVD, it would take me back except we were overseas when a lot of this stuff came out and never saw the videos on TV.

The nice young lady comes over and asks can she help and I say "do you really get 2 CDs and a DVD for only $24.95? What a bargain!" and she replies in the affirmative.

However, when we look at the CD and DVD we see Owner of a Lonely Heart, by Yes. Now I have to take exception to categorising Yes as one hit wonders. Certainly, Owner of a Lonely Heart was late in their time after several personnel changes, it sounded different to a lot of their other stuff and in particular it featured words that made reasonable sense as written. But one hit wonders? Never. What about Yours is no disgrace, Starship Trooper, Roundabout to name but a few?


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