22 November 2008

hanging on the telephone

So I have a couple of the hierarchy in town and I have to drive them down the road down the road down the road apiece: about 104 km to be precise.

We're driving along and I'm on the phone through the Bluetooth (tm) connection and they're each on their Blackberries (R) (tm) (etc etc). Back seat says to front seat, "did ytou approve that whatever-it-was?". Front seat replies "I think so but send it to me again and I will."

Back seat does so.

Front seat receives it and says, "OK, done, on its way back to you."

"Got it, thanks."

At least they had the decency to recognise how absurd it was and laugh.

Meanwhile, outside the world was going past.

Technology, you have to love how it enhances our lives.


Pants said...

Hi Phil

Wish I could love technology but, at the moment it's creating havoc for me as every electronic operation I undertake requires enormous reserves of both cash and time and fails anyway. I think I might have become one of the digitally disenfranchised.



Laurie said...

I love the classic Leunig of the father and son watching a video of the sun rising.

Ann ODyne said...

yes Laurie, that St.Leunig is a beauty.
Friend was out for dinner with friends and at one point SIX of the 8 people at the table, were on their mobiles.

I had one back in the brick days, but have been free for a decade until only weeks ago I joined the mob again.

Front seat to back seat has to be some kind of record though.

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