27 November 2008

we gotta get out of this place

I've been travelling a lot and busy in between times so no time for even the teensiest blog, until someone sent me today's picture and I just had to post it.

The travelling and work thing show no signs of slackening off so it'll be a weekly post for a while I think.

Tomorrow, insh'Allah, Chateau VVB will be gone from our ownership. Like I said earlier, it was great and we loved it - mostly - but there are certainly aspects we won't miss.

Like the bloody electricity bills. On the basis of the first one received for VVBSea, we'll be about one to two grand better off annually.

I won't mention the leaves in the pool. There, see, I didn't.

There will be a teeny bit of money left over so while the super sinks into the sunset, we figured we may as well start living. All suggestions, apart from distributing it among the readership, gratefully accepted. The list has started, I see some difficulty in reconciling priorities:

  • furniture
  • kitchen remodelling
  • trousers
  • socks
  • new speakers and audio/video receiver
  • guitar (or several, you can never have too many)
  • holiday for Mrs VVB
  • pest treatment to house
  • vet treatment for cat
  • boat
  • plumber for smell in downstairs bathroom
  • probably more furniture (you can never have too much)
  • maybe some more paintings
  • anything else Mrs VVB might want besides furniture or, in the absence of any such desire, more furniture
  • home brewing lessons
  • sailing lessons
  • guitar lessons
  • Audi S4
  • Triumph TR6
  • new garage under house
  • girl stuff for Mrs VVB
Roll on settlement!


JahTeh said...

Priorities Phil, where did you have to order that dinky little model car you didn't think you could afford? That really should have been at the top of the list but get the cat to the vet, the longer you leave that the more it will cost.

Laurie said...

Priorities, Phil: enough beer, one excellent acoustic, one excellent electric. There. Can't think of anything else a bloke needs. Easy.

phil said...

Hmm, got an acoustic that's goodenough for my extremely limited abilities, got an old electric but no avenue for use. Plus a hollow body.

And half a slab.

Maybe you're right!

phil said...

JT, that model would be a real extravagance because it would signal a whole new classification of models that I'd embarked on.

But thanks for reminding me.

We've put the cat back on her steroids and they have wrought some wonders already.

Anonymous said...

Clothes maketh the man and good speakers and receiver. You can listen to music whilst you do all the other things and you can wear the clothes straightaway whilst doing everything.

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