22 August 2010

cat power

Far be it from me to add to the squillions of words being writ, even as we speak I do likewise, about the election.

Well no, maybe not too far. Being of a recently improved, more optimistic, mind I hope that this campaign just past marks a low point in how these things are conducted in Oz. The relentless negative attack ads and fear-mongering, single focus on the leaders thereby distracting from pretty thin talent pools on all sides, and lack of a policy framework - call it a narrative if you will - all combine to have dumbed down what should be the most informed decision we all make.

Not to mention the role of parties' organisational wings, not to single any particular one out (ha!). The phrase 'out of touch' is one used with rare abandon to criticise leaders, but it should be aimed at the back room boys - and I guess they are mainly boys - who by their very definition cannot ever be in touch.

The instability of what we will be left with at Federal level might just start to get the 'players' thinking that maybe the political process needs some renewal. From what I read, the general public certainly thinks so.

What we do about the MSM and its corrosive influence, of course, is another thing.

Personally, I think it is more important to spend time with old cars and kittens.


Ann O'Dyne said...

so your car has 2 catalytic convertors?

phil said...

Oh no, there's no such beast underneath.

But trenchantly perceptive there, Ms O'D.

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