20 August 2010

only one woman

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Not so much turning Japanese as turning Latin.

I love life, I love it a lot better after a few sherbets.

Ah, Graeme Bonnet. What a voice. My evening is complete.

No it's not, does anyone - I mean anyone - have a copy of Linda Sue Dixon by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels? Genuine blue-eyed soul? It's seared into my memory, but nonetheless my memory would be improved by hearing that song again.


Marshall-Stacks said...

I lost mine when my marriage cracked-up, but it is seared onto my memory too, and life would indeed be improved with the repeat hearing of it.
the interwebz haz everything of course ... good luck

phil said...

M-S, I have looked and looked, so far without avail. But hope, etc etc etc

phil said...

Amazon has it as a download but not outside continental USA. They also have it as a 45 single....

Lad Litter said...

Didn't know Bonnett went that far back - I recall him joining Richie Blackmore's Rainbow at one stage.

phil said...

Short of going to wikipedia or a similar authoritative source, this is the earliest Bonnett incarnation I am aware of. I did once have him on VHS with Alcatraz (Yngwe Malmsteen on lead) that I used to watch over and over.

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