13 October 2010


Tales of the completely expected.

If there was a market for a magazine, website or news service that reminded people to breathe in and then breathe out and then keep doing it sequentially without forgetting, I reckon there'd still be 220 million takers.


JahTeh said...

I, on the other hand, will be the model of Halloween elegance unlike other years of barely thereness.
I like to go against the prevailing trend. But if you want to turn up to the annual fright feast starkers, you will be welcome Big Phil.

phil said...

All reader please note: tghis is not my Way.

Also, I'm getting pretty tired of having to sign in to make a comment when (a) I own the Blog and (b) I signed in only a few minutes ago.

WTF is going on?

iODyne said...

yes, about the signing-in repetition.
I think They are Up-To-Something.

Slutty is the new scary, and it's the old scary too.

The people who loved Julia Robert's hooker in Pretty Woman, have never seen a real hooker.

A friend sent me one of those fulsome funny Fwd emails called Walmart People. Photos of Real real-scary people.
I'm sure it's Googlable.
Halloweeners have to go far to be more outrageous than any of the pics.
If AUS did All Hallows E'en like USA does, there would be hundreds of red-Speedo guys and Ranga-head PM outfits.

Copperwitch and me are going door-to-door. Cheltenham CIB is on full-alert for the backlash

Trick? or Treat? has never sounded so chilling.

phil said...

Have seen the walmart photos also, there is a website dedicated to it. Once all of godzone in the teh NBNzzz, the collective IQ of the country will drop by about 3,000,000%. I'd love for some kidzzz to come round here dressed as Abbottzz and Julia, it would be more than tick or treat.

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