18 October 2010

when you wish upon a star

I wish that I had Jesse's girl.

That's all.

That's not too much to wish for, is it?


iODyne said...

Letterman's band played it when Ms Bullock walked on for an interview, screened HERE long after the big dust-up.

Just read this in a comment at Crikey
(related to DJones future advert spend in newspapers which sided with PR fool Kirky Fraser-Kristy)

"I heard an interview with a magazine guru a while back (google “coventry conversations” and search for gavin green – it’s staggering interesting if you’re interested in cars or the magazine industry and he’s got good stories), talking about the early days of “CAR” magazine (it really is a good listen). He relates the joys of working for a small, privately-owned independent, and tells a story about the day the owner came in and declared “good news – we’ve lost the volvo account!”, and a cheer went up from the writers. I suspect that doesn’t happen a lot in the australian newspaper industry."

and thought to myself - Phill will like that.

Lad Litter said...

Gee Rick Springfield was a guitar hero with Zoot - I loved their version of Eleanor Rigby - a great companion poiece to Focus' contemporaneous Dear Prudence.

phil said...

When offspring no 1 was learning Eleanor Rigby on the usual cheap acoustic guitar and I bought him after he'd been fiddling about on my Aria Pro II semi, he got discouraged so I bought the Zoot ER to help him to see how things could be. Bad strategy but he agreed a good song.

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