02 February 2011

i get a round

I've whinged previously about the word "around" colonising the pseudo-policy space, as in "we need to have some responses around that issue."

I work with some people who seem to use it every 5th word.

However today's effort by Ian Thorpe, announcing his insert verb here to competitive swimming, takes the cake. Unfortunately the
clip is not verbatim, but Thorpe said he would focus "around" the 100m and 200m lengths.

By which I took him to mean 99m, 101m, 199m and 201m.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, all good thoughts for our coastal - and indeed not coastal - neighbours to the north of Capricornia.


Anonymous said...

This post and your blog title is utterly insane. keep it up.

Ann ODyne said...

BenJen is right - we need more insanity, but don't diss The Thorpedo. He isn't bright but he did swim all those records when very young and I pray the MSM do not take his (foolish) return to The Fray as an opportunity to discuss the thing about him that we all knew, but that should not be mentioned, as he is A Legend and it's a cheap shot to do so.
Hope you are dry and undamaged.

phil said...

The Thing will not be mentioned here, I can assures you. However the gradual bastardisation of Aussie as she is spoke will be, every time I come across an egregious example.

Our particular neck of the woods got excommunicated from the cyclone warning area pretty early on. We had removed the plants from the balfalcony and also taped the windows as I was going to be out in the central 'ighlands, but as it turned out, precautions not needed. In fact we got more blow from Anthony, and do not mean in terms of....well, you know.

Anthony is not like that.

Benjamin, welcome. Another reason to post a bit more regularly than I have been, of late.

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