25 August 2011

i've been everywhere

If I am getting these annoying hyperlinks telling me about a Brisbane 'mom' (sic) on virtually every website - including Aunty as you can see - have I got a virus? Or are they indeed everywhere?

Have screenshot, can't upload it.


Ann O'Dyne said...

I confess that despite blogging since Feb 2005, I still have not figured out screenshotting, so am impressed despite your upload glitch, but no Brisbane Mom has sullied my busy screen.
'Brisbane Mom' - It can only be bad. good luck.

phil said...

OK - to do a screenshot:

1) hit "PrntScn"

2) open a Word page

3) Hit ctl+v

4) screenshot appears as if by magic, but actually it's coding

5) save page

My prob here is that I suspect blugger only accepts files in eg jpeg or other picture formats. But I can't say for sure.

Gerry said...

I think it might be your aftershave.

phil said...

Haven't worn aftershave since I was about 24 - a looong time ago.

Explains a lot, really.

lemmiwinks said...

Better than word (erk!) for images is, believe it or not, windoze paint. PrntScn -> MS Paint -> Edit -> Paste, et voilĂ ! The image will be the same dimensions as your screen resolution, i.e. 1280 x 1024 or whatever.

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