14 August 2011

back on the chain gang

To respond to Gerry's question on the last post, yes I've been away and only with access to a work computer that I don't like to use to post blog pieces, even in my own time. Could have gone to an internet cafe I guess...but I didn't.

Any way it was a good break to go and do some other work and cacth up with a lot of people I haven't seen for a long time.


Ann O'Dyne said...

Public net access does not seem like a good idea now, to any of the members of the library near the holiday house of Neck Bomb Girl in Sydney.
Apparently the Perp used them, and I guess all other users that day have been surprised by cops at their door and some pretty stiff interrogation.
Any of us can be caught in the crossfire of others peoples' tangled lives.
and very wise of you to avoid personal stuff on work computer - I award you a gold tar.

phil said...

All quite so.

I am, however, seriously p*ssed of witgh Blogger which now won'tlet me in to my own comments moderation page ("you do not have access"). So reset my password and fulfilled sevreal other seemingly unrelated things as required by blogger/google/evilcorp.inc and I still don't, altho your comment was allowed in.

I'm getting increasingly fed up with all these random changes.

Gerry said...

Anode Ine, can I have a gold tar too? :-)

phil said...

You could call it jolly jack.

Boom boom.

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