14 September 2011

get your motor running

From online opinion blog KGB report:

"For years, US and Australian defence officials and ministers
have claimed that the Joint Strike Fighter would cost around $US65 million an aircraft. When that figure was first cited, the estimate conveniently forgot to include the engine and many other essentials."
You know, that sounds about right. Only last week I got a quote on a car, it sounded like a good deal so I bought it. I sat in the showroom for 5 hours until the salesman came and asked me did I also want the engine.

Caveat emptor.


The Editor said...

You're having a lend, right?

phil said...

No, I work for DMO so this is SOP.

Ahh, yup.

lemmiwinks said...

Sadly I have no trouble whatsoever believing this tale, though I am surprised you didn't opt to "Flinstone" your new car out the door ;-)

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