21 September 2011

a...b.....c (*)

So now, all ABC radio news bulletins lead with "the Opposition (or Opposition Leader) said..." That will then be followed by a direct rebuttal by a Government Minister or reference to the Government's position on whatever the issue was.

So: is this the pro-Coalition bias that has the left-looniness of the blogosphere in perpetual meltdown? Or is it a subtle way of giving the Government the last word on everything, so as to get the correct message to listeners? But simultaneously confirming the rabid right's assertions that the ABC is nothing but a bed of communists?

(*) de jackson five

Confusing, is it not? All I want is the news. That said, one of the many joys of regional living is that, with all the driving I do, I spend an awful lot of time listening to the ABC. It is a good thing...along with regional living.

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Anonymous said...

regional living is superior
no doubt

X X annie

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