10 May 2012

cat empire

A short  essay on (a) the decline of western civilisation because of the (b) rise of postmodernism.

Well it may not be postmodernism but it surely signals a decline somewhere.

What is it?  Why, this.

Bring on the discussions, is this really a decline in academic rigour leading to the inevitable eclipse of all we hold superior, or is it the ongoing incursion of the realities of the postmodern world, and hence a perfectly legitimate area for academic analysis?

I'd be interested to see the quantitative component including details of the data collection mechanism.

Also, I don't think I've ever previously constructed a sentence that commences "why", comma, "such and such."  I've read plenty, but.  That's where I got it from, like.


Ann O'Dyne said...

oh dear. When one is tired of LOLdom, one is tired of life.

phil said...

I'd never have picked Samuel Johnson as a LOLcat fancier, but stranger things have happened.

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