23 May 2012

money makes the world go round

But increasingly money is not making the world go round except for an increasingly privileged few.  Read a bit about how right here.

I love the author's preamble to the comments section.

I've been writing, on an occasional basis, for quite some years now on the unsustainability of the contemporary model of international finance.  Every time I reckon it couldn't get any worse, I read somewhere about some arcane way in which it has.   The fact that Goldman Sachs (or someone in some other firm) once described the clients as "muppets" now gives free reign for this term's incorporation into everyday usage.  I wonder how muppets recognise themselves when they get documentation from their super fund, bank, advisor and so on.

I got one the other day, full of factual inaccuracies and such a lazy piece of work I felt like framing it.  What I will be doing is writing back to tell them they've lost my business.

I hope it  makes them feel muppet-like as that will be my intention.


Ann O'Dyne said...

I do hate them most for tainting the glorious Muppets with their vile swindling activities though.

a book titled The Wolf Of Wall Street, the Jordan Belfort saga is a great read.
A muppet and his money deserve to be parted though. I fail to see variance of Race 5 at Flemington and investing in the ASX - it's all Dumb Luck aka 'law of outcome and probability'

Davoh said...

Just thought t mention that there is, actually, "commerce" happening -
OH NO!! SHOCK!!! Horror. Dare i mention the 'black' market?

Whaddya mean? Farmers and producers actually organising sales! Between producers and buyers!!!!!

No way hose. Clamp down on that shit!!!! Fuck off -WE have SHAREHOLDERS .. ???
Hedge funds? Wall Street?
Mmmm, worth a look.

Gerry said...

That guy is even more cynical than I am. :-)

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