22 November 2009

goodbye blackberry way

Well here are back from 'holidays.' Let me coin a new old truism: "When you have a BlackBerry (R)(tm)(etc), you're never alone."

Also, it's when you go away that everything happens.

By about day 8 I felt like I'd started to relax, but by then we were safely ensconced back at VVBSea.

Also, why you'd pay to go and overlook the sea when you do so for free at (well, except for rates) at home is probably a very, very good question. It was a darker, deeper sea with bigger waves so I suppose that's why.

Here at VVB, to the best of my recollection, we let the US election, including the whole Sarah Palin phenomenon, pass by without comment as any comment from here would have made superfluous look like a tautology.

Anyway I hadn't been for a look at The Economist website for a while, so off I went and, seeing a Palin article, I wondered what the comment threads at The Economic were like. A lot of it was very similar to what we read everywhere else except, in the main, better expressed.

Including this ripper:

That she makes helium look dense is largely irrelevant to modern American politics.

I'd also really, really like to say goodbye to the Blackberry (R)(tm)(etc). But that just isn't going to happen.


iODyne said...

welcome back.
For Palintology I like www.vanityfair.com/

Observer review: Books ...
Lucy Kellaway's Who Moved my Blackberry? is a wickedly accurate satire of 21st century corporate idiocy 'Who Moved My Blackberry?'
skewers today's mindless corporate culture via the e-mails of Martin Lukes, a fictitious, ambitious, forty-something middle-manager ...

phil said...

sounds like my life

except maybe the ambition bit, the older I get


bathmate said...

nice posting. very good work. thank you. :)


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