30 November 2009

i am a rock

"I am an iiiiiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiiii-aaaaaa-land."

I'm sorry, I have to cave in, I cannot be a rock, or an island, while all this....stuff....is going on.

I've read more rubbish over the past few days than I ever thought I could stomach.

Mind you, once I'd started wading through
this lot of comments, I wish I could have turned back time.

So, setting aside - conveniently - that the CPRS, as designed, is indeed a dog's breakfast, we have, variously:

"It's a big new TAX."

Well, no, actually it creates a market. In this case a tax would, in fact, probably be a preferable instrument at least in the short term. But market-based instruments is how we've been doing structural economic reform for some time now.

"It's a big new MARKET that doesn't need to exist."

Like I just said, this is the mechanism that governments of all stripes now prefer. Mind you, it will get rorted by the financial services industry sooner or later. That's why we have markets and a financial services industry.

"These millions of dollars will go to the UN."

Umm, well actually, no.

"It's a gigantic communist plot."

I think the only genuine Commos left are in Cuba, so probably not, actually.

"It'll force us to accept more government interference in our lives."

Well, no. Or alternatively, indirectly, yes because that's what structural reform does until the economy reaches a new equilibrium.

And as for something I read somewhere t'other day from a Liberal Party parliamentarian that a majority of Party the branches recently voted against the ETS so the Bill needs to be dropped...since when did Liberal Party branches vote in general elections?

Y'know...just askin'?

Too much fun.

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