25 July 2010


"Ooh you're a holiday,

Every day such a holiday.

Now it's my turn to say,

And I say you're a holiday."

Back when the Bee Gees were a proper band.

Anyway we've been on holiday and I have 345 photos (bows before the great god Digital, in film days that would have cost me about $180 to get developed and printed). This is one of them. A lot more are very similar. It was a very therapeutic holiday.


Lad Litter said...

Hi Phil,

Had a chat with a knowledgeable mate today - he suggested the record might be the Charlie Watts-led Jamming With Edward.


If not, check these out:



This might be it:


phil said...


No, it was in fact the Blues Anthology one - I followed your suggestion and looked on Amazon earlier today. The track names looked familiar, altho' I could have sworn that Parchman Farm was on the one I had. Some incredible disparities in the cost of second hand CD versions though - from $18 to $90?? No LP versions available at the moment but as I don't have an operative turntable, that hardly matters. Thanks for the leads.

Ann ODyne said...

Happy Holidays Phil - did you take nile rogers with you?

ust in case you don't find time to check The Scrivener's Fancy,
I commend to you Mr. Tony Martin's
Truly, Madly, Wheatley

(and the movie Bad Eggs was pretty funny too)

peace and love

ooh the WV is copmeoto

Ann ODyne said...

$90 is high?
There's a treatise on Ray Davies that is $102

phil said...

Hi AoD

No, more the disparity in price. These are CDs so presumably little variation in condition (ie either playable, or showing signs of having been eaten by a tiger, therefore not playable).

Tempting but.

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