09 July 2010

you raise me up

So I go into this office block and the single (and solitary) lift has a sign in front saying, "Under repair. For your safety and convenience please do not use."

So for my inconvenience I had to use the stairs, for my safety I went up on all fours. The wheelchair bound and Daleks would have been in strife.

When I grow up I want a job where I get to write signs that really piss people off. It must be so gratifying.


Ann ODyne said...

decades ago, my uncle (by marriage) worked in a Melbourne department store, Georges of Collins Street, and he survived a fall into an open liftshaft. It was so long ago, no lawyers were resorted to, Georges just kept him on their payroll till he died.
When you grow up, you might also consider writing those disclaimers on food packaging - 'picture for illustrative purposes only' etc.
I always think that if a purchasor is so stupid they think the milk and fruit and spoon come in the cereal pack, then they ain't gonna understand "illustrative purposes".
call me crazy.

Lad Litter said...

Hahaha. What a job that would be. Better than what I do.

phil said...

I always like "open other end" because it's already confused 50% of the population.

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