03 July 2010

roadhouse blues

Hello there

Been away on a big road trip to all - well, a lot of - points west. Lots of fun, lots of driving, sufficient work to keep the brian active, and so on.

Here's a picture of part of where I went. There was a lot more of that around, too.

No time for even following blogs and I have to say it wasn't long before I wasn't missing it at all.

So I come back and there's a new Prime Minister and there's thousands of words been writ about the new Prime Minister, and the old Prime Minister, and the manner in which the new became the new and the old became the old and I was like meh.

I know I shouldn't have been like meh but I was, rooly.

Of course on road trips it means you're eating out all the time and I have to say I have sampled, and in some cases actually eaten, a highly variable quality of food.

I can say with assurance, though, that I had the best thickshake I have EVAH had in this place. I recommend it highly if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. Although it may be some way away from your neighbourhood.

And at one place I went for lunch I hit the jackpot. All I wanted was the lunch time special and I got the meaning of life.

For real - see here.

We have a fault with this computer where it keeps going off line. And for some reason Blogger makes it it do that all the time, which pisses me off. It's taken me four goes at finalising this post. Along with the great dollops of meh, just another excuse not to blog, I guess.


Ann ODyne said...

oh wow - the great australian landscape. what a place we are.

yes bolgger is being snarky here too.
and don't get me started on frkn picarsa. pictures refuse to upload on bolgger unless via picarsa which then say if I delete pic from computer it deletes from blog as well.

hope you are now getting improved diet and Eat Your Greens.

PS your Mother & Chef at Sedgwick's was gold.

xerxes said...

Shame about that road sign, it gets in the way of the view.

phil said...

Yes, I should get onto photoshop and get rid of it :-)

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