25 September 2010

careless whispers

Unnecessary blood pressure raising inducement of the day was to see that the illogical and (again) unnecessary introduction of the American neologism "I could care less" to Australia. Saw this in a newspaper article.

Why and how does it happen. I used to have a theory that most of these fad sayings came in via FM radio, but I'm not so sure. Why do people do it? Does it really make you look hip to say "I spent a couple hundred dollars today?"

It would be supremely ironic were I now to comment, "meh."

So I won't.

Have started travelling for work again and needing to pass a couple (of) hours in airports and on planes last week, I bought myself a copy of Australian Guitar magazine, mainly for the article on Matt Bellamy from Muse, a band in which I've become quite interested, not least for their thematic obsession with aliens but mainly for their stage shows.

The song structures are nothing to write home about but oh man, the staging! Go to youtube and look at some of their Wembley concert from a couple (of) years back, and other concerts.

Imagining the sensation of being in the crowd puts me in mind of something I've read many years ago, but not sure what. Maybe taking a gram of soma and going to the feelies in Brave New World? Wasn't it Brave New World that had some type of super-saxophones playing music? That Wembley concert looks downright amazing in the number of senses it would assault.

Muse is coming to Australia shortly but I doubt I'll be able to get to a concert. In any case I kind of think I'd be a fish out of water, with or without soma.
Whinge of the day: I don't know what's happened with Blogger but now I can only move pictures within the post one paragraph at a time. And for the two photos in this post where I want jump the first photo further down the story, I can't do it. Like, bummer.


Jeremy said...

Stupid Americans. "I could care less" DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! What you mean is "I couldn't care less".

Also, it's "Lego", not "Legos".

phil said...

It makes less sense the more of them get imported. Very bad for the blood pressure, just look at 'them' capitals!!!

Ann O'Dyne said...

While I often muse on a marriage of Lyn truss and Don Watson (and in saying that, I know I don't need to link you), I could (not possibly) care less (than I do, about the topic at hand).

Marshall Stacks, however, loves a good bit of staging. Blue Oyster Cult's WALL of Marshalls comes to mind.

Philip said...

Wasn't it Brave New World that had some type of super-saxophones playing music?

I believe they were called sexophones, and were described as wailing like melodious cats under the moon. Depends on your definition of music, I suppose.

Word Verification: Ablat, the patron saint of scrapes, who was martyred for grazing his sheep with the Procurator's nail file.

phil said...

Actually he's a footballer for Geelong.

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