18 September 2010

more than words

I like words, what I like even better is people who can use words well.

And what I like even betterer is people wot use words to make me larf.

Like this:

(links deleted for reasons that will become apparent later in the post...sorry)

'course it's all a little bit like shooting fish in a barrel (do people actually do that? and if so, what calibre gun do they use?), but a punchy turn of phrase is a damn good thing.

Speaking of calibre, did you read about the bloke who
shot a doctor, then his own mother and then himself after the doctor presumably pronounced a suboptimal prognosis for the mother? With a handgun he just happened to have in his belt?

This, to me, is indeed a fish in a barrel. Tell me again about the right to bear arms? Of course you'd pack heat if you were visiting mum (or, as I overheard two little boys in Woolies today, "mom" - yes, I do live in Australia), you never know when you might need to protect yourself. Against germs, let's say.

Yes, intolerably sad, but they seem to be slow learners, these Yanks.

Wasn't the Colt 45 called the

Because you always create peace by shooting people quicker, harder, and faster.

Note: I drafted this a couple of days ago and then had problems with my little bits of html. I can't remember what the links were meant to be and can't be bothered going back to check now. But I've posted it all the same. Caveat lector.

Note note note - I drafted the note above several nights ago and then went to check whether I had remembered caveat lector correctly. That caused the pooter to keep hanging so I went away and completely forgot about what I was doing. Until tonight.

The question now will be whether it'll post.

Also I found a wonderful online comic -
here. I read all 7 years' worth of it over a period of about a week, thereby rendering it more of a graphic novel in my eyes I guess. The writer always puts little noted at the foot of the panels which often illustrate the dilemmas he faces in constructing the story arcs as well as longer term character and plot development. It's a real insight into something I certainly had never given any thought to.


Ann O'Dyne said...

you do seem to find blogs loaded with intensive reading. Speak Your bRAne keeps my week full thank you.

If you love words then do please find Melblogger Will Type For Food, where we have both been hilarious, and Lexicon Harlot in Melb is OK too.
They met at a grogblog I went to, and the rest has been a superpluperfect subjunctive.

'what gun for shooting fish in a barrel'?

a water pistol!!

phil said...

will type for food is a regular haunt. Will check our lexicon harlot.

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