15 September 2010

lifter puller

You don't often read this sort of thing in a newspaper report:

not all agreed with some of her pronouncements on issues such as masturbation."

Although later on we read:

"I think O'Donnell can pull it off against the Democrats,"
she said.

As they say, only in America.

I'd like to see a Tea Party candidate gain the Presidency.

From a distance, though.


JahTeh said...

At least they've stop calling themselves 'Teabaggers'.
Unfortunately the nut jobs are getting a lot of money to ease them into the Senate.

phil said...

Well that's a consistent theme around the world, wherever there are politicians and money.

Marshall-Stacks said...

people like her*, make me sick.
pro-gun, anti abortion - WTF is that?
and as for even mentioning mastrbtion - christ.

(* not JahTeh)

phil said...

Don't go looking for consistency where only beliefs exist, that way madness lies.

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