14 November 2010

a question of balance

Hello. Still alive here at VVBSea although we haven't seen to much of it lately.

Anyway I was trying to get into the supermarket the other day and, as is inevitably the case, the folk in front successfully negotiated the swing gate and then, overwhelmed by the cornucopia of choice thus revealed, came to a dead stop. Thus preventing me from my usual swan dive for the basket into which I would place the goods I already knew I would need so I could get out of the place before I stabbed someone.

And we give these people optional preferential voting?

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Ann O'Dyne said...

'these people' ?
'optional preferential voting' ?

I do agree though, that supermarket atmosphere is toxic, and foraging must be guerilla-style before one slumps into a coma in aisle 37.

I would love to see proof that all 17 checkouts have been open simultaneously, even briefly, ever, in any supermarket in the country.

This last Wednesday's Weekly Times has a feature on all the packaged foods owned by foreign companies. Read it and weep.

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