07 February 2011

all the young dudes

Look, regardless of the legalities or the rights and wrongs and even of the role of wikileaks within an MSM-dominated world, Julian Assange is a dude. A fucking dude, man. He oozes cool.

I'd love to have Geoffrey Robertson QC declaiming from the computer while I was at work. I would be so empowered! Bring back Hypotheticals!

Also, I was privately (well actually not, now that I've written it, I guess) appalled that Bianca Jagger was not allowed to jump the queue.

Also, I wonder at the wisdom of supporters turning up in Guantanamo-style boiler suits. With friends like these, as the saying goes.

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Ann ODyne said...

well said.
I am sure GR QC just pleaded with Bunk Jagger to stay the fk away.

the orange suiters just want the world reminded that Hicks sat on a concrete floor for 6 years alone with the light on 24 hours.
Serial killers are treated better than that.
He was only guilty of being a moron.
JA had a mad-hippie mother, at one stage shacked-up with a son of that mad cult woman annhamiltonbyrne.
I do not think he is a rap1st though.
I also think Sverige will hand him to the Septics as a cat presents a dead mouse to it's owner.
and I have just read all The Grauniad fresh reporting on the hearing. Some very logical points are being made. My point (and I have been raped) is that
Real Rape tends to (firstly,) wake people up and make them kick bite gouge and scream.

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